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Alsco Inc.                        Alsco Inc.-Ft Collins           
Canteen                          Denver Waste\Star Industrial
Hamilton Linen              Sealy Mattress
Seattle Fish                    Serta Mattress
Sodexho                         Spring Air Mattress

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Western Sugar Teamsters Picnic A Success


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Atlas/Transervice/Advantage Logistics                                                                                        
Preparations For Negotiations Underway                                                                           

Dean Foods/Dairy
Dean Foods Closes Cream of The Valley
Union Negotiates "Follow Work" Terms


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#1-Local 537 Joins Helmets To Hard Hats Program
#2-Western Sugar Teamster Picnic a Success





We are a membership of individuals joined together as one; fighting to maintain our present rights, benefits, and wages while not only reaching out to better our children's lives but remembering those workers who dedicated their lives in the past to ensure us of a better life today. Too many times in today's corporate world, with it's "profit above people" attitude, the workers of this country are the ones who suffer the most even though we are the ones who are not only expected to manufacture the wealth, but to keep America running. 
 Without the presence of a strong union membership willing to stand together and fight, the workers of America would be forced to eat the crumbs while the richest 5% of this country devour the whole American pie, not even saving us a slice of our American dream that our forefathers envisioned when they built this country.

In the past as it is today, the same questions are asked. How do we get a fair deal and when will workers have the power? Brothers and Sisters the question can only be answered by us. For we are the sleeping giant and hell hath no fury like those whose pride and children's futures are threatened by corporate tyranny. it is up to us to reach out to every man, woman, and child, to not only shock them into reality but also to share our vision of respect and equality that all workers deserve. We must take to the streets and shout to the masses, be leaders to our children and teach in classes, fight in the courtrooms and storm the corporate boardrooms. We must be heard! 

It is said that the meek will inherit the earth, and someday that may be true. But until then we must stand together and take back what is rightfully ours. Make no mistake, this is a battle. It is corporate America against the people of the "Real America". Brothers and Sisters join us, for the only way we can expect peace is to prepare for war.

2005 International Brotherhood of Teamsters
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